“The main goal of any campaign is to help the consumer understand what they’re buying,” says Martin Russell, Director, Kingsford Direct.

Maximising off-the-plan marketing and sales is Kingsford Direct’s modus operandi. We provide engaging, pervasive, and convincing marketing materials for your project as one of our primary services. So when we say we offer ‘marketing’, it’s a collaboration with the brightest and most innovative minds in the business to make your project come to life.

“Our buyers tell us,” says Sonia Fava, “that they are looking for an experience that, not only shows where they will live, but also how they will live.” “Back when we started, buyers were lucky if there was a brochure that told the real story of a project,” says Martin Russell, “today, we have virtual tech, interactive floorplans and high-quality renders. So, there’s an expectation at this end of the market to provide a complete sensory experience.”

Kingsford Direct understands the need for flexibility. During the marketing and planning launch of a recent luxury development project, COVID-19-induced lockdowns meant display suites were hardly a suitable option. However, sales and marketing for a luxury residence meant we had to get creative. Even in a digital world, we found that prospective buyers prefer some tactility and a physical outlier that speaks to their potential home, its space and how it’ll fit into their lifestyle.

So, the question remained – how do we give buyers an experience that is up to their expectations and still fulfils the clients’ sales targets?


The most effective way of visualising a space are renders. Almost non-negotiable these days, digital renders are absolutely essential to a successful sales campaign. They can provide angles and elevations otherwise impossible at this time. They can demonstrate views and sunlight at different times of the day and depend on time and budget can allow for the personal tastes of clients and developers.


Just as renders provide a digital glimpse into the new world, a printed and digital brochure is standard practice, particularly at an ultra-luxury level. So here is your chance to express individuality and taste, to tease materials and quality production methods by creating an association with excellent design and execution. A carefully considered design and thoughtfully picked paper stock tell a story. It tells your buyer you are just as passionate about finding a home as they are.


Alongside an incredibly well-put-together brochure and design book, a physical catalogue of materials – arranged by your architect and designers is integral in delivering a successful sales package. Bringing the various colours, panels, carpets and shades of fixtures to life allows a buyer to experience an off-the-plan property as a home.


At this level, an interior architect or designer has been an indispensable part of your project. To reflect the lengths your project has gone to, and to bring home the importance of tactility and texture of the space, a design guide with the inclusion of appliances, flooring, textiles, handles and fittings, and benchtops and fixtures is a display suite without having a display suite. This is where you can really show them how they will live.


There is no one right way to pull off a successful sales campaign, yet, “however, the fundamentals of any project are the same,” Martin Russell says. Each campaign should reflect the design, building, area, community and impact you wish to make. Recognising the need for flexibility while adjusting to the client’s desires, Kingsford Direct can “strategise the needs of the project, while still providing an indelible imprint on the minds of consumers,” says Sonia Fava, director.

Working with architects, developers and designers simultaneously means we can confidently deliver buyers and sales to the project. And while not all projects will require a display suite, with a bit of give and plenty of resourcefulness, Kingsford Direct can provide solutions that still speak to your project’s quality, time, and effort.