Projects such as La Storia are rare on the ground.

  • An extremely limited offering of 20 apartments.
  • Premium Carlton address.
  • Top architects and design.
  • Exceptional fixtures and fittings.

It doesn’t get much better than this.
So, for those fortunate enough to live in this pocket of Melbourne, La Storia is the embodiment of exclusivity and the epitome of luxury.

Like any good Italian meal, there are rules, basil with tomato, olive oil and focaccia, prosciutto and anything! The Marcocci Property Group approached Kingsford Direct to tell La Storia’s story and run all communications. They needed someone they could rely on, someone they could trust, and someone that was more than just an agent that cared more the project than just the sales. In essence, they needed the basil to their tomato.

Ultra-high luxury properties will always be of interest and come with a ready-made audience, but convincing high-net worth individuals and families that La Storia is the one for them requires soft hands and a unique touch.

Kingsford Direct sees themselves less as a sales agent, and more as a centrepiece to luxury, off-the-plan campaigns. Their work for La Storia perfectly encapsulates this philosophy.

Engaging with the very best in their respective fields, Kingsford Direct works with designers, brand developers, photographers, and renderers to best show the dreams and visions of the developers. Turning these designs and creations into published pieces of work gives the project a tactility before ground has even been broken. In turn giving Kingsford Direct a chance to demonstrate their approach and sense of quality from the very beginning.

Kingsford Direct briefed Melbourne brand agency Dugan & O’Sullivan on the project and with their help achieved and presented beautiful collateral that showcases local and international talent. Featuring the illustrations of New York based Juliana Brion, type reminiscent of mid-century Italian design and the photography of Josh Robenstone, this is not your ordinary apartment launch. With all sales and marketing collateral completed, Kingsford Direct confirmed their high-level proficiency and comprehension of the project.

Embracing the Italian roots of the developers and the migrant culture of Carlton, La Storia is named for the Italian word for history. When finished, the building with be resplendent in its marble and stone, monolithic exterior. Like the Marcocci’s themselves, La Storia is a tribute to the lands that made them, destined to stand the test of time, to become a piece of history in its own right.

As of today, the Kingsford Direct team, together with the Marcocci Property Group and M3 Design have successfully achieved $30,683,000 of La Storia sales since launch. With strong continual interest from owner-occupier buyers, this rare opportunity is being swept up. La Storia’s generous homes and prominent location are also quickly being recognised as a great investment, for today and for years to come.

The decision to sell La Storia using proper story development and quality deliverables has proven that by choosing the right people, timing your rollout and approach, Kingsford Direct are the only team you need on your side.

Like a caprese salad, you can’t have the tomato without the basil (and buffalo mozzarella!).